Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions 2012 ‐ 2015

Beginning in the Spring of 2012, the Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning process to guide the organization over the next three years. The Board recognized that the organization needed to be responsive to a dynamic and changing health and social services environment. The strategic planning process focused on building on the work that had already been started, as well as seeking stakeholder input, and ensuring the successful implementation of the Strategic Plan. The Board also recognized that the process had to be thoughtful and sensitive to the human side of the organization – particularly all levels of staff, and other stakeholders, including community partners, collateral organizations and funders.

1. Enhance our strength as a community‐based organization that delivers a wide array of services, including primary health care
  • Strive to document and measure community‐capacity and well‐being consistent with LHIN priorities
  • Improved data collection and reporting informs program and agency planning Building community leadership
  • Raise awareness of the values of community‐based organizations
  • Enhance and continue partnerships and coalitions
2. Support our communities through tough economic times and changes to these communities, with a particular focus on mental health
  • Advocate for improved social determinants of health
  • Enhance resources for people on low income
  • Ensure adequate resources for Health Promotion activities and for researching the impact
  • Positive change in mental well‐being
3. Ensure Organizational Sustainability
  • Develop new staff leadership as part of succession planning
  • Strengthen organizational leadership
  • Streamlining of work effort and administrative requirements
4. Create a Charitable Foundation to address the additional needs of our communities

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