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Capital Double Standards

This week's blog was not intended.  I decided to move on to another topic but as George Costanza said on Seinfeld, "my universes collided" my blood started to boil and here I am again  talking about Citizenship and Immigration Canada. (CIC)

It seems the blog I wrote two weeks ago, “Capital Non Transparency,” has generated quite a bit of interest. It is still being accessed  every day and I have received a number of personal emails about it.

Predictable but Less Outcomes

This week I wrote a business plan to make a business case for funding and I received a letter from my main funder referring to me as the CEO of LAMP.

My business plan did not  have anything remotely  to do with business, but that is  the language we now use.   My plan had no profit margin for LAMP  and it had no or minimal risk to the funder.

Capital Non Transparency

This week's blog is about the abuse of power by a public institution.  It is about an organization that uses words like "accountability" and "transparency" but  it  fails to meet even the most minimal standards of those two attributes.  It is about a government department  that has  simply lost its purpose.

More Youth Murders in Toronto- But do We Care Enough?

This is more of a rant than a blog.  I make no attempt at being objective  or try to see the “other side” because I do not accept that there is one or at least one that does not strain the limits of credibility.

I am sad and very angry.

I am sad for the parents and families who have recently lost their children.  They are now life members of a club that no one wants to join. Time does not heal a parent's grief.

How Much Profit Is Enough?

We have all heard the expression, "the elephant in the room.``  For those that have not, it simply means that we can talk about  a problem all we want but we are never going to  solve it unless we deal with the real issue.  We cannot deal with it because the real issue makes us uncomfortable.

The Unwritten Code at City Hall

The governance of our city is in disarray. City council has become largely dysfunctional.

I do not think either of those statements are in any way controversial.  It merely states what most  citizens including many members of council  actually feel.  The debate of course is around who is responsible  for the current state of affairs.  Casting or determining blame is not the point of today`s blog.