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Circling the Wagons City Style

So let's start off with very good news. It appears that the city is going to put in an offer to buy Vincent Massey and save the day care centre that provides high quality service to 180 children.

It is a bit early to declare victory though. Humber college is rumoured to be interested and we do not know what they intentions are for the school

Shouldn't Our Children Have the Right to Play

Ian loves to play basketball. If he didn't have to go to  school or his part time job, he would likely spend most of his life on the court. He may not be the greatest player, but like many teenagers he has dreams,  which is why I am not using his real name. It is wonderful to have adream and I won't dash his on my blog.

Democracy's Slippery Slope; Why Vincent Massey Should Concern All of Us

Two weeks ago I asked why have not successive governments reversed the education reforms enacted by the former government of Mike Harris. In opposition they strongly opposed them as did anyone who had any knowledge or interest in education.

The answer is simple. Harris did the heavy lifting for successive governments. Harris centralized decision making authority within the bureaucracy at Queen's Park No government will readily give up power and that power shift is at the root of the problem at Vincent Massey.

Trashing the Community- One Bag at a Time

John has lived in the lakeshore his entire life. He worked at a plant that no longer exists; partied at a union hall that has since converted into something else and regularly attended community functions especially those put on at his local church.

Age and with it mobility issues have caught up with him and he now only leaves his bungalow when necessary. He does however attend his church whenever he is able, but like the other parts of his life, John laments about its future.

Save Vincent Massey; Save Our Governments From Themselves

Have you ever been in a situation  which something so irrational, so wrong is being presented as rational.  Where something that is  not in anyone`s interest is seen as something that is inevitable, beyond anyone`s ability  to stop.

Obama Care and Canada's Health Care Debate

Most of the world has watched what has gone on in Washington with complete bewilderment. Elected officials, people voted into office to run the government, actually closed it down.