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Children Up Against City Hall

A Good News Budget ( at last) 
The City has completed its budget process and it is a good news budget. It included  an expansion of youth and recreation programs as well as an increase in the community grants of 2.2 per cent. The slash and burn mentality that existed in recent years is over.  We are now once again trying to build our city.

Except for ...

News Release: Advocacy Campaign to Save Community-Based Speech Programs Jolts Toronto Public Health


January 29, 2014 5:00PM

Contact: Russ Ford, Executive Director
LAMP Community Health Centre

Advocacy Campaign to Save Community-Based Speech Programs Jolts Toronto Public Health

Etobicoke, ON -- Parents in the Lakeshore are calling their public education campaign to inform others about Toronto Public Health‘s plan to dismantle community based speech and language programs a huge success.

Strengthening Our City Through Its Neighbourhoods

We are now just nine months away from a city election.  There are about thirty people now running for mayor, or at least their names will appear on the ballot.  Many others are just waiting while some are crafting their slogans, a five or so word phrase that they believe will resonate with voters. 

Such trite expressions are great to chant at rallies but really do little else.  We need less of that and more discussion around the future of our city.  At the heart of that discussion has to be the future of our communities.

The Post National Post, Post

Let me begin by thanking everyone for the tremedous out pouring from across Toronto in support of our stance  against the dismantling of speech and language services by the City of Toronto.  I do not think I have had so many blog hits

Bureaucracy Over Children

This is a blog that the City of Toronto does not want you to read.I had intended to write it in December but I was advised not to until  certain legal actions had been undertaken. I had been threatened by the City that should I write what you are about to read, they would sue me for a minimum of $25,000.

Understanding the City Budget