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For the past few years I have been using this space to write a weekly blog about issues that affect our community. The original intent was to provide an insight into how broad government policies can impact a community and its members.

Clearly by the growing number of people who now read this blog, it has struck a chord and I am grateful that you have taken the time to read it.

The  blog has never been partisan.  While  some blogs have focussed on government policies  I do not believe I have ever been consciously critical of a politician or a political party.  I have sincerely tried to focus on the issue and not the individuals involved.

As you may know, this week I declared my candidacy for city council in the upcoming election in October.  LAMP has always tried to engage the community in a discussion of relevant issues,  but like my blog LAMP has not nor will it ever take a partisan political position.

 I will continue that role.  There will be a clear and sharp line between my role as the Executive Director of LAMP and my aspirations to be a member of city council.  The two will neither coincide or conflict.

While the blog has always been consistent with the values of LAMP, there is the possibility that it may be unclear as to whether or not I am writing as the Executive Director or as a candidate.  While I believe those roles are quite separate and can be maintained as such, I do not wish there to be any possible confusion.

I have therefore decided not to blog anymore in my capacity as Executive Director of LAMP until after the election is over.

You can however continue to follow me on my campaign website at

There are currently four others in the race but only two have advertised websites.  I encourage you to check them out as well.  You can find Michael Laxer at and John  Letonja at John.Letonja  The  other two candidates are Peggy Moulder and Ruthmary James.

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